The world of points & miles can be daunting for the average person. High fees, low availability and weird rules ensure that most people will never take advantage of the best deals out there.

Smart Travel Hacking is a site dedicated to helping you make your travels better. You’ll learn the loopholes and tricks that credit card companies, airlines and hotels don’t want you to take advantage of.

  • Want to travel in first class?
  • How about staying in some of the world’s nicest hotels?
  • Did I mention that it’ll cost you less than an economy ticket?

I can help.

Hi, I’m the smart travel hacker and  I earn over 1 million airline and hotel points and miles per year without spending enormous amounts of money or spending 300 days on the road.

Thanks to those points, I am very fortunate to have experienced some of the world’s most amazing flight experiences. Some highlights include showering on the plane in Emirates First Class, dining on lobster in Singapore Airlines’ Suites and my 7:30 whisky tasting in Lufthansa’s First Class terminal in Frankfurt.

It’s my firm belief that almost anyone can do the same thing as me with some work, patience and a helping hand.

If you’re reading this page for the first time, leave a comment or contact me and tell me where you want to go. I’ll help you get there.

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