You could save thousands on your next trip

Every day, people just like you are traveling the world in luxury. Champagne before take-off, seats that recline into beds, multi-course meals and a plethora of other comforts ensure that they arrive at their destinations rested and ready to explore.

While it’s possible to spend tens of thousands of dollars on these experiences, these people are doing it for less than the price of your economy ticket.

They are travel hackers.

You could be one too. It’s easier than you think.

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • Why earning points leaves normal people frustrated
  • How travel hackers do things differently
  • What you can do to get started on your journey today

How regular people fly

How travel hackers fly

Earning points slowly sucks

Let’s talk about how most people earn their points. It’s through a combination of:

  • Travel
  • Spend on credit cards
  • Loyalty card swipes (e.g. using your Aeroplan card at Esso or your Air Miles card at Safeway or Sobey’s)
  • Shopping online through mileage portals

An average return business class flight across an ocean will run you a minimum of 100,000 miles. Even if you earned a generous 2 miles/$1 spent, you’d need to spend $50,000 just to earn enough points for one flight.

Have a significant other? Double that number.

Trying to earn points this way frustrates people because it takes forever. You’re constantly climbing that hill of frustration in hopes that some day, you’ll have enough points.

How most people earn points

Average points/year earned

How travel hackers earn points FAST

An average travel hacker that spends a couple of hours a month on this hobby can easily earn enough points within a year (and often less!) to take a trip in business class or even first class.

Here’s just some of the flights that I’ve taken over the years. Each one left me leaving the plane with a giant smile on my face.

Singapore Suites First Class
ANA First Class
Air Canada Business Class

The biggest open secret is that credit cards provide generous sign-up bonuses with points that can be pooled into a single account. Just for signing up for a handful of cards a year, your points earning potential could look like the graph below.

How travel hackers earn points

Average points/year earned

Those vertical lines you see are the points that you can earn from extremely lucrative sign-up bonuses. There are also some lesser known tricks that one can employ to turbocharge your points earning potential. Things like points stacking with portals and referral programs are easy programs to take advantage of… if you know about them.

You’ll find everything you need right here on this site.

But first, let me tell you about the single biggest mistake people make when it comes to travel hacking.

The biggest mistake people make when travel hacking

The biggest people make when it comes to this hobby is never to get started. Instead, they choose to pay thousands of dollars just for flights and accommodations.

Think about what THOUSANDS of dollars can buy. Think about the once in a lifetime experiences you can have with that money.

Don't make that mistake

I’m going to make it simple. I’ve assembled three plans using knowledge gathered over years of learning, experimenting and making mistakes. My friends and family have taken dozens of trips using the exact same plans you see below.

The plans

Each plan has been thoroughly tested and is guaranteed to get you results if you follow the instructions.

The plans are completely free for you to use. I only ask that you help support this site by using the embedded links.

Short Haul


Dip yours toes into travel hacking. Quick, easy and fast.

  • Anywhere in North America
  • Single person friendly

Long Haul


Take the trip of a lifetime without spending years saving up.

  • Business Class to Europe or Asia
  • Single person friendly

Globe Trotter


Travel with a companion in luxury anywhere you want!

  • First Class anywhere in the world
  • Requires two people
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