Today users of AC Conversion cards were notified that Canadian dollar loads will no longer be allowed as of April 13, 2018.

This means that if you haven't already taken advantage of the AC Conversion card for manufactured spending, your window is closing!

Take a look at my guide here for how to use the AC Conversion card to manufacture spend in Canada. Even if you don't have the card now, you can likely get another full month out of AC Conversion before the doors shut down forever.

AC Conversion first came out two years ago and since then, it's helped hundreds, if not thousands of travel hackers achieve their goals. Some were able to earn millions of points using these cards. 

Lessons learned

The AC Conversion card had allowed you to load $2,000 a day for almost a year before loads were restricted to $100. I personally know dozens of people who held off getting a card for a variety of reasons.

When they finally did, they only managed a few weeks of loads before the new $100 limit came into play.

This particular opportunity was unique in how long it lasted before getting turfed. The next one might not last as long. 

The next time you're faced with an opportunity like this – be sure to take advantage of it! Things never last forever.

Now what?

Keep your eyes peeled! I'll be releasing a guide on how to find your own manufactured spending opportunities in the wild.

In the meantime – try to get as many AC Conversion cards as you can!

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