Automate your AC Conversion loads

Take advantage of AC Conversion while you can with my automated script that will load $100 CAD onto your AC Conversion card each day. Scale up while you can without having to manually load each card!


The globetrotter plan

The globetrotter plan is the best way to earn 475,000 points FAST. Follow this plan to earn First Class Flights for two anywhere in the world!


The long haul plan

The Smart Travel Hacker's guide to getting enough points through sign-up bonuses and referrals to get a long haul flight anywhere in the world.

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How to manufacture spend safely

Learn the rules that I've developed over years of manufactured spending that have enabled me to earn millions of Aeroplan, Alaska Airlines and SPG points along with thousands of dollars in cash back. I cover the major risks and show you how to mitigate them.

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